Class Schedule

Why Dance in the Summer?

Summertime is the perfect time to grow and develop as a dancer as well as trying new styles,
and to accelerate dancers to the next level! 

Ballet Dance Intensive

• Highly recommended to serious minded dancers
• Gain an entire month of training in this weeklong intensive
• an accelerated course that jumpstarts dancers to the next level 

Unicorn Sparkle Dance Camp•Monday July 29 12:00-3:00

Dance the day away with lots of sparkles, Unicorns, and magical fun! Open to ages 3+
Cost is $40 (includes 3 hours of dance, activities, and fun!)

4 Weeks of Dance Classes- July 9-August 1 2019

---------> going on vacation? Use our “pay as you go” rate and drop into as many classes as you would like throughout the summer!

• No worries of school so dancers can focus fully on their training • Dance away summer boredom ​

Summer Dance Experience

  • You will be challenged into becoming a better dancer!

  • Important to building the “more-rounded dancer”

    • Serious minded dancers ready to launch into a performing or college career, or to prepare for the upcoming dance season.