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Frequently Ask Questions

Why didn’t my dancer change levels for next season?


Unlike regular school, dancers often study at the same level classes/styles for 1-3 years. They spend the first year learning the curriculum at what is called a “novice level”, they then progress to “mastering the level”. Dancers who progress in this manner become more proficient at all aspects of the dance curriculum and the benefits also include building confidence, strength, poise, and technique.


​How old does my child have to be to begin dance? 


We now offer classes for ages 18 months-adult

When can my dancer go on pointe? 

To be considered for pointe, dancers must have at least 2 years Ballet experience and be 11-12 years old. They must maintain 2 separate ballet classes a week on separate days, and must take the pre-pointe class before being accepted into the pointe program.


How do I register my child for a class? 


Registration for new dancers and returning dancers can be completed online. 

What should my dancer wear to class?

Our dress code ensures that students receive the best possible instruction, minimize injury, increase focus, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and studio unity.  More information about our dress code can be found 

Where can I purchase dance wear?

Chesco Dance Center is proud to provide high quality dance supplies and apparel.

We will provide all of your needs for dance classes and performances with convenience and reasonable prices. If we cannot meet your needs we will be happy to give you a list of other quality providers

Do you offer classes for boys?

Certainly! Boys are welcome to enroll in any of our dance classes!

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