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Kellie Greer


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Ms. Kellie's dedication to creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment at Chesco Dance Center is truly one of a kind. She approaches teaching with genuine care, infusing her classes with heart, compassion, and love. Her commitment to shaping not just talented dancers, but also exceptional individuals, speaks volumes about her priorities as an educator. With over three decades dedicated to training in dance education and nearly five decades in the dance industry, she possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience.

With her extensive background in dance, kinesiology, and education, Ms. Kellie is well-equipped to nurture the holistic development of her students. By emphasizing the importance of both technical proficiency and personal growth, she ensures that her students not only excel in dance but also cultivate important life skills.

Ms. Kellie's emphasis on striving for excellence while maintaining a love for dance is inspiring. By encouraging her students to work hard and pursue their dreams, she empowers them to reach their full potential both inside and outside the studio. Chesco Dance Center is fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate leader at its helm.

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